Bowmore Aston Martin 21 Years Old Masters' Selection

Bowmore Aston Martin 21 Years Old Masters' Selection

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Bowmore Aston Martin 21 Years Old Masters' Selection, Edition 1

A limited-edition single malt created in collaboration between Ron Welsh, Master Blender and Marek Reichman Chief Creative Officer. Each one of them a master of their own art who shapes and influences every product produced, be that a Bowmore Single Malt Whisky or Aston Martin car.

By bringing these two worlds and these two creators together, we call on their shared experience and skills to create a whisky that tells the story of the synergy between the brands and ultimately defines the partnership.

An unique methodology to whisky making

The Golden Ratio sits at the heart of every Aston Martin. A design principle that enables the achievement of balance and beauty from any angle.

Influenced by this approach to creativity, Masters' Selection, Edition 1 comprises a base of 21-year-old Bowmore matured in first-fill Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks. An additional four casks were specially selected calling on a strong influence from European fortified wines.

The result is a single malt of optimal flavour proportions offering up a beautiful aroma promising a warming taste experience. But much like an Aston Martin, delivers a very powerful and memorable finish.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Mahogany

Nose: Sweeet and nutty with notes of Manuka honey and maple syrup with praline and grilled hazelnuts; combine with rich aromas of freshly tanned leather, cigar tobacco, liquorice roots, dried thyme and heather blossom.

Taste: Richly elegant sherry merges with raw Islay peat, whilst bitter dark chocolate, black pepper, butterscotch sauce unites with vanilla and coffee beans. Whist a fruity flair is defined by Morello cherries and a touch of papaya.

Finish: Sweet, spicy and mouth warming, with notes of oak spices, chestnut cream and coconut lingering.