Courvoisier XO Dragon Edition Gift Box

Courvoisier XO Dragon Edition Gift Box

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Product Description:

In celebration of the 2024 Year of the Dragon, Artist Jiannan Huang has brought the dragon to life for Courvoisier, in a painting that inspired this limited-edition carton and bottle design of XO (the expression remains unchanged to standard XO).

XO embodies the opulence of the Courvoisier Maison style, paying homage to the terroir of the Cognac region with carefully selected eaux-de-vie matured up to twenty-five years in our own proprietary barrels and complex aging techniques. A slight hint of Borderies, to the blend of Petite and Grande Champagne, distilled with lees, accentuate and elevate the Courvoisier® signature style of delicately rich fruit notes (figs, raisins, plums, and candied orange) revealing an exquisitely layered, matured blend with elegant floral finish.

Blended in 1984 by the fourth-generation master blender Daniel Dumon, XO was destined to be one of the finest blends of the cognac category. Courvoisier® Cognac, alc. 40% vol.

Tasting Notes

COLOR: Deep Mahogany.

NOSE: Very rich, complex with notes of forest undergrowth, candied orange, iris, figs, raisins, plums, “brioche” and leather.

PALATE: Growing slowly in the mouth, engulfing all your senses. A delicate taste of liquorice and dried fruit, such as apricot and plum. Long and wonderful intensity which remains for a long period of time.