London Essence Indian Tonic 8x500ml

London Essence Indian Tonic 8x500ml

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Our Original Indian Tonic is beautifully versatile, with a refreshing citrus-forward profile. The addition of our distilled juniper essence delivers a gently bitter finish and is perfect for those who are seeking a more approachable tonic water.

Juniper berries are steeped prior to distillation to create our unique essence and are combined with a variety of citrus notes, including aromatic calamansi, for an almost tropical edge.

This unique blend results in our most versatile tonic, aided by a delicate level of sweetness, to allow the notes of your spirit to shine through. Simply pair with your preferred premium gin or try with a dark rum for a contemporary paring.


A refreshing citrus aroma, with an almost tropical note.


An elegant and refreshing tonic, with an aromatic citrus-forward profile. Lemon peel extract and cold-pressed lime oils to combine with aromatic calamansi to deliver a unique citrus note, which is layered with a hint of chinotto and a distilled juniper essence to deliver a pleasantly bitter tonic finish.