Skiclub Kampen Premium North Sea Vodka

Skiclub Kampen Premium North Sea Vodka

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Made with passion for Quality and crafted by generations of distillers in one of the oldest family-owned distilleries of Germany (1864).

North Sea Vodka is made from the finest wheat harvested from our coastal fields. This imparts a characteristic taste to our base liquid. Starting from the sowing of the seed through to filling our signature designer bottles, every step of vodka production is carried out by hand with meticulous care using only the highest quality ingredients.

No artificial additives are used in our spirits.

The fivefold distillation process using our unique Silver -filter ensures that our product is exceptionally mild and of premium high quality.

Literage: 700ml

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Typical, clear concept, warm & sweet style, malty & grainy basis, yeasty & bread -like

Palate: White chocolate, banana, strawberry, light nougat, delicate caramel, touch of vanilla, artichoke & mint coolness

Finish: Full bodied, long