Suntory Horoyoi Shochu Cocktail (Grape) (24 cans)

Suntory Horoyoi Shochu Cocktail (Grape) (24 cans)

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Suntory Horoyoi Shochu Cocktail (Grape) (24 cans) 

Horoyoi is a 3-percent alcohol Chu-Hi beverage with a sweet and gentle texture that can be leisurely enjoyed at your own pace.

​​​​​​​The name Horoyoi embodies the wish for light drinkers and new drinkers to enjoy a mild pleasant feeling tailored to the drinker.

Refreshing Grape Mojito recipe that is super easy to make and will send you happily off to bed.

Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice - ½ Ounce
Horoyoi Grape - 2 Cups
Mint Leaves - 6 to 7 leaves
Grapes - 7 to 8 Grapes
Crushed Ice

1. In a tall glass, just simply add 3-4 mint leaves, fresh squeezed lime juice and Horoyoi Grape.
2. Add 3-4 grapes and mash with a muddling tool.
3. Add crushed ice and stir to combine, then garnish with grapes and mint leaves if desired.